Lara Frankl x Café Costume - Omer

Lara Frankl x Café Costume - Omer

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Belgian jewelry designer Lara Frankl created a limited collection cufflinks for Café Costume, to add the right detail to your shirt. No ignorance allowed when there is an opportunity to show your individuality through your style.

The cufflinks are rough and tough, perfect for the Café Costume man. Not too polished and one of a kind. Each piece is made by hand in Belgium. Completely in 925 sterling silver and combined with 4 different mineral stones. All of them with a unique shape and colour. A piece of jewelry that’s both functional and ornamental.

The designs are infused with minimalistic lines, graphic forms and pure aesthetics. Influences of sculptures, decorative prints and modernism result in designs with a strong personality.

When out and about in Antwerp, you might find a helping hand from Lara as she also works in the Antwerp Café Costume store.