Magritte x Café Costume Cufflinks

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Café Costume presents a limited collection of exquisite cufflink based on the work of René Magritte. Limited edition. Made in Belgium. Hand finished. Silver plated. These jewels came to life with the help of jewel designer Karin Nuñez De Fleurquin.

About Le Château des Pyrénées - 1959

La Chateau des Pyrenees (translation: "The Castle of the Pyrenees") is truly a surreal painting. The Chateau (castle) sits perched on top of a large mountain floating above a large body of water. What is Maritte saying in this painting? The levitation of such a large rock literally defies gravity. By the fact that the mountain is in the air, it has no foundation. It was once part of the Earth yet it is now separate. How does one enter such a castle? There is no path up the mountain. It is unreachable by land and by sea. It can only be reached by air and by the imagination.

The Castle of the Pyrenees embodies the artist's typical disturbing juxtaposition of familiar objects, combined with captivating poetry and mystery.